A new release brings with it some UI tweaks, some new features and bug fixes.

  • Images in the search now have the dimensions visible so you can see the size of the original image from the search screen.There is a new “Library Health” section in the dashboard that will show you images with no tags or bad titles so you can quickly identify and fix them.A new login / register screen.
  • You can now filter images by portrait or landscape.
  • CDN cache will now be expired when the image focus is changed. This can still take up to 5 mins globally.
  • Various UI tweaks and bug fixes.
  • The ability to be able to create an image via url with width, height and quality as parameters – for example https://assetzen-images.mrzen.com/i/Yx62JJhV0xmJ/w:300/h:300/q:80.jpg