AssetZen is designed to save you time managing your images with really useful features that take the time out of finding and using your digital assets.

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Auto Tagging

Asset Zen uses cutting edge Artificial Intelligence to identify the content of images and suggest keywords.

This is an automated process, you can immediately start to search your library even before you’ve properly tagged your images.

Boys on the beach

Automatic Landmark Recognition

Asset Zen can recognise landmarks, and geo-position based on features within the photographs. Asset Zen also Geo Positions those landmarks for you, and then reverse Geo Position key-wording on the locations – so you can upload an image of the Pyramids, and it will return search for Cairo!

Boys on the beach

Create & Share Albums

Create albums for your products, brochures, mailshots, campaigns, locations and more. These are like folders, but your images can live in more than one album without duplication so you can create them temporarily and destroy them without risk of losing images. You will also find it hard to accidentally drag one folder into another and lose a set of images forever! Once you’ve created an album, download all the images as a zip file or share it with colleagues, customers or suppliers.

Polaroid Camera

Auto Image Resizing & Cropping

Simply enter the dimensions of the image you want and the system will generate an image of that size. Focal Point Cropping – because of the clever focal point technology, you can be sure that the focal point of the image is always as close to the centre of the cropped image as possible. Your images look great, however they are cropped and on every device. Download your image directly to your desktop, use the provided CDN enabled links provided, or the responsive HTML Tag samples.

Cow on hillside

Peace of Mind

Many companies still keep their images on physical servers in the office – this puts a burden on internal resources, can be costly and is heavily dependent on your backups actually being effective. Asset Zen stores all images in the cloud using Amazon’s data centres meaning you can sleep peacefully knowing you are not going to lose your images.

Peaceful Coffee

Responsive Images

Modern screens and mobile devices can have high pixel densities, so Asset Zen provides you with image tags for use in your emails and on your websites which make use of the latest high res screens to ensure your images are as perfect as they can be.

Computer and Mobile Phone

Find lost images

Find images you’d forgotten existed – Asset Zen uses advanced searching to help you find the perfect image for your campaign, product or brochure.

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Content Delivery Network

Asset Zen provides you with working links to the images you resize and crop which can be used in your email shots or on your websites. The images are served from a CDN which ensures fast downloading worldwide.

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Fast & Easy Upload

If you need to upload a few images at a time, our UI makes this super fast and easy. For customers with very large numbers of images, simply post a hard disk or USB stick to our data processing centre, and the images will be uploaded directly to the cloud. The folders will be recreated as Albums, and the images will be auto tagged using a little bit of Asset Zen magic, so you can start to find, organise, share and make use of your images straight away.

Classic Motorbike Speedo
I didn't think we even needed an image library until we tried AssetZen - preparing our promotional emails is SO much easier!