The team at AssetZen have worked in the Travel Industry for all our working lives.

Travel businesses have many things in common, and one of them is the complete inability to manage the huge numbers of photos they collect from Familiarisation Trips, Customers Photos, Library Shots, Photos from Tourist Boards and more.

Most people just stick them on a server in the office, and, if they are lucky, they will get an office junior to clean up the library once in a while.

Having embarked on building Asset Zen it’s clear that this is not restricted to travel companies.

Why don’t more companies in this situation turn to the many Digital Asset Management tools available out there today? Simply because they are in too much of a mess to consider sorting it out. It would take weeks of work to make sense of the mass of folders, and this is not something that could be done by an office junior – whoever does it needs to be able to recognise what’s in the images and then tag them appropriately.

Image management systems have got better over the years at doing this sort of thing faster, but it’s still the case that someone has to sit down and organise the library in one massive effort.

So how does AssetZen make this process easier?

1) When you upload one or more images to AssetZen, we use some of the most advanced technology available to analyse the image and pull out keywords based on what it’s recognised in the image. For example, all your pictures of the Pyramids will be tagged accordingly. Looking for some shots of a boat – not a problem. Try it out – you can upload all your library in one shot and at least you will be able to find them.

2) We don’t think it’s practical to be starting off with a mass tagging exercise, so we’ve made it part of the system. We work out which images are hard to find, and then every time you log into Asset Zen, you are presented with a photo to improve – whether that’s giving it a title because it is currently the camera’s image filename, or adding some tags because there aren’t any. You can upgrade suggested tags to real ones or remove them if the system has got it wrong (improving the search)

Your team can sit there and tag images gradually over time rather than in one almighty effort.

AssetZen is cost effective too – by using the power of the cloud, we can charge based on the amount of storage you require – so if you have 50 or 5 million photos, you can be sure to be able to find them effectively with AssetZen!

Try it out for yourself and see what you think – for a free trial, just click here.